Scholarships and Financial Aid


UPDATED Scholarships and Bursaries

Some Scholarships and Bursaries are Specific to EDSS Students. Check out the options to help fund your education.



Ontario Student Assistance Program OSAP

  • Click Register to create an account
  • Once you have accepted at an Ontario College or University you may Apply through your account on the OSAP website
  • We encourage every student to apply for OSAP – there have been major changes for 2017-18
  • If you want to work on campus while you are going to college or university, you usually must prove that you have applied to OSAP.
  • Even if you don’t think you will qualify for any funding, APPLY! You may get a $200 grant for textbooks.  Every little bit counts!

Video: How to Apply for the New OSAP


OSAP Definitions

Each College or University has a Financial Aid Office webpage – check for Bursaries and/or Scholarships available to incoming students.



The Debt-Free Graduate


List of Scholarships Available – some specific to Waterloo Region


TD Canada Trust   For students making a difference in their community.

Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada Scholarships

Scholarship search tool at eINFO