Financial Aid OSAP

Financial Aid

Ontario Student Assistance Program OSAP

  • We encourage every student to apply for OSAP.
  • Be sure to keep your username and password in a safe place as you will need it to reapply for OSAP every year of your program.
  • If you want to work on campus while you are going to college or university, you usually must prove that you have applied to OSAP.
  • Even if you don’t think you will qualify for any funding, APPLY! You may get a $200 grant for textbooks.  Every little bit counts!

NEW:  Previously, students who qualified for OSAP were billed their full tuition.  Now, students will be able to choose to have their OSAP funds go straight towards tuition costs, and then pay the remainder.

Students will be able to see on their OSAP account how much they qualify for in grants and loans.  Loans have to be paid back while grants are free money.

eg. Student applies for OSAP and qualifies for $4,300. Tuition is $8,400.  So if the student asks for the funds to be directly applied to tuition, the student will be billed for $4,100.  The $4,300 from OSAP will be pay the rest of the tuition.

You could qualify for more money if you’re:

  • an Indigenous student
  • a student with a permanent disability
  • a current or former Crown ward
  • the first in your family to go to college or university

Each College or University has a Financial Aid Office webpage – check for bursaries available to incoming students.