What happens after I apply?

  • You should receive a confirmation email about a week or so after you apply.  If you don’t get one, call the university admissions office or check with your Guidance Counsellor.
  • Check your email and OUAC account regularly for correspondence
  • Create an account for the universities if asked to do so – check them regularly.  This may be their only tool to communicate with you.  Once you have created that account they may only correspond with you through it NOT your email.  Keep checking your email though, just in case.
  • You may be asked to submit additional information forms (Do this – It can only help your application)
  • Offers may be made by universities as early as December and as late as end of May.
  • Check for scholarship deadlines; apply early.
  • Login in to OUAC to accept your offer before the deadline expires.
  • Pay your residence deposit by the deadline to guarantee your place in residence.
  • OUAC commonly asked questions.