Grade 12 Family Studies


Intro to Child Development (click here for Resources and Tips)

 Maternal Health Matters (bookmarks)

Theories of Human Cognitive Development  (click here for links to websites)

  • the CRAP test:  how to detect what is reliable online information
  • Databases (in Virtual Library)
    • Health and Wellness Resource Center (Gale Online Resources)
      • eg. Lev Vygotsky
    • Britannica High
      • eg. Noam Chomsky
  • Encylopedias/Books (provided on cart)

Barriers to Development

Evaluating Sources

Summative Paper

Research Paper (Summative) Suggested Resources


Nutrient Research Suggested Resources

  • GALE:  Health and Wellness Resource Centre
  • use citation tools (icon)
  • use APA formatting


Summative Research Paper:



World Foods