International Exchanges

Have you ever dreamed of studying abroad?  Here’s your chance!

CEEF, the only bona fide successor to programs provided in the past by the Ministry of Education, offers three-month and summer exchange programs. Destinations for 2017-2018 include:  France, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

International student exchange programs:

  • enhance language proficiency
  • promote personal growth and development
  • increase awareness of other cultures
  • foster a global perspective
  • enrich our own school’s linguistic and cultural diversity during the hosting period.


The ideal candidate for any international exchange would be a strong student academically and a good ambassador of EDSS and Canada in general.

Students interested should refer to for further information and an application.  Students are encouraged to answer the questions on the preliminary application honestly as these short applications are often the ones used for matching.  All completed applications should be submitted to Mrs. Paleshi by October 7, 2016 accompanied by a cheque for the required deposit.  Note that the $175 deposit is non-refundable.  In addition, applications must bear the parents’ and principal’s signatures.

By Christmas, a more lengthy application package will be distributed to students who have completed the preliminary application.  These are then resubmitted to CEEF.  Matches will take place in late May, early June.  Successful candidates will host their partners from August to early November.  Then, in February, our students will leave for their destination and will return back to EDSS in May.

Do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Paleshi for more details.

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