Special Education Department

Hello to Parents, Guardians, and Caregivers!

Because the term Special Education can contain stigma for students and caregivers, we are re-branding our department to be called Learning Services. Our Special Education Resource Room (216) is the Learning Centre. Language is important; however, the critical piece for caregivers to know is that we service all students with Individual Education Plans (IEPs). Our department includes Special Education Resource Teachers (SERTs) and Educational Assistants (EAs) We work as a team to provide additional layers of support to your child. This site provides links to help guide you through critical aspects of your child’s high school career starting with Transition to Grade 9 and extending to Transition to a Postsecondary Pathway. This website is ever-changing and we welcome your input. We will try not to duplicate information found on the other tabs, including Guidance, so if you have deeper questions concerning Course Selections and Postsecondary Programs, please check out the Guidance tab.

We cherish your child and recognize that there are many ways for them to experience success at high school and beyond. Thank you for entrusting us with your child!

Yours in education,
Nanci Henderson
Head of Learning Services

Department Staff
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Kathryn Chamberlain – GLE Teacher
Lisa Douglas – GLE Teacher, Special Education Resource Teacher (SERT)
Pamela Germann – GLE Teacher
Nanci Henderson – Head of Special Education Services, SERT, GLE Teacher
Nicole Paquette – Development Disabilities (DD) Congregated Class Teacher
Amanda Pileggi – GLE Teacher