Elmira District Secondary School (EDSS) is a community high school serving the town of Elmira, Ontario, and the surrounding area, including Woolwich and Wellesley Townships. It is one of 16 high schools in the Waterloo Region District School Board.  The school was officially opened on December 8, 1938, known as Elmira High School.

In 1947, there were lengthy negotiations between the councils of the town of Elmira and the townships of Woolwich, Wellesley, and Peel.  As a result of these talks, it was agreed to dissolve the old Elmira High School Board and establish a new Elmira District High School Board.

In 1948, classes were considered to be large. A typical grade 9 class had 41 pupils and a grade 13 class had 40 pupils.

In 1954, a four room addition was constructed. At this point there were 275 students in attendance.

In 1959, ten rooms and another gymnasium were added due to growth in enrollment.  This last addition contained a laboratory, classrooms and a lady teacher’s room. The new gym would be used by the boys and the older gym by the girls. The basement also included a new industrial arts classroom.

In 1963, a vocational wing was added and the name of the school was changed to Elmira District Secondary School.

In 2013 – 2014, EDSS celebrated its 75th Anniversary.

Today, EDSS is known as the EDSS Lancers,  and it serves approximately 1300 students.  Three hundred of these students are participating in our  unique Rural Education programs.   There is a wide variety of extracurricular sports, clubs and activities provided for all students.