EDSS welcomes you!

Becoming a Lancer is the start of a great adventure and is a wonderful privilege as you become a part of over 80 years of history and tradition.  However, if this step makes you feel nervous, anxious, or overwhelmed, as a student, parent, or guardian, you are not alone!  This page has been designed to help you understand what the transition to Grade 9 at EDSS will look and feel like, and hopefully remove as much of the anxiety that exists for anyone that is about to start high school.

If you have any questions about the information shared on this page or anything related to the transition to Grade 9, please contact your grade 8 teacher or guidance teacher at your current school before reaching out to the EDSS guidance department. Please visit the EDS Guidance Google site for additional and current information. Click Here


This presentation has been shared with all our feeder schools.  Grade 8 teachers will be going through this presentation with their students. It includes everything you need to know about EDSS and course selection for future grade 9s! If you are not coming from one of our feeder schools and would like to learn more about EDSS – click on the link to go through the Prezi!


Welcome to EDSS Video!

Thank you to our 2020-2021 co-prez students who compiled this video for our incoming grade 9s!  They are saddened not to formally meet you during our Lancer for a Day event but they are certainly excited to help you along in your high school adventures!

Enjoy the video!


EDSS GUIDANCE WEBSITE: https://sites.google.com/wrdsb.ca/edssguidance/guidance-appointments


Course Selection & Registration

Grade 8 teachers will go through this process with grade 8 students.  If you are currently attending Park Manor, Linwood, Conestoga, Floradale, or St. Jacobs Public School – you will complete this process with your grade 8 teachers!

Course selection guide

Grade 9 Course Selection Worksheet

What do I need to graduate?

If you would like to know more about all the courses the EDSS offers –  please check out the department websites!


School Schedule


School Map & Virtual Tours!

Nervous about navigating the new building?!  You are not alone!  There will be new staff that don’t know where things are either!  Just ask someone in the hall if you need direction!  We are totally used to many people looking lost during the first week.  To be fair – there is a new numbering system so the whole school will be adjusting to it!  Hopefully, this video will help you to get familiar with the parts of the school!


School Sports & Clubs

There is a place for you!


A number of sports teams are offered to Elmira Lancers throughout the year. Students are encouraged to get involved and participate in an activity that interests them.

Activities and Leadership!

There are many more before school, after school, and lunchtime clubs and activities here at EDSS!  These clubs are a great way to meet other students who have the same interests as you!


Parent Info & FAQ

FAQ document

Slide show