First and foremost many thanks to our staff, students and the EDSS school community for your patience as we ready EDSS to open its doors on September 8th.  We would ask for flexibility and patience to continue as staff do not have access to all of the resources required to allow revising of schedules and will be addressing all timetable concerns when back in the building.  


A number of procedures will be coming in the next few weeks.  As more details become available, School Day announcements, postings on our the EDSS school website and/or Google Classroom announcements from our Guidance Department will be sent out.


Please be aware that current information in MyWay may not be up-to-date and likely will not reflect the actual schedules for September.  Students are advised not to check MyWay until after the resumption of classes.




If you missed the deadline to declare intentions for in-person or online attendance in the fall, please contact our main office for assistance – via email at no later than August 19th.


Our office staff/VPs will be reaching out to families who did not complete this survey to help ensure we have accurate information for the startup and can organize our classes accordingly.  Families can also contact their alpha VP (by student last name) for assistance with the survey/info – please include the full name of the student in your email to help with the process:


A-K (

L-Z (




All course change requests submitted online between March break and the end of last semester are still on hold and will be processed in the order received. Once we have finalized timetables, organized cohort groups and fixed any conflicts/issues, we hope to accommodate these requests where possible, but this may take some time.


No further course change requests are being accepted at this time.  Guidance will be working closely with EDSS admin to determine how to move forward with any late requests for changes after startup.  These will almost certainly be limited by our quadmester schedule and cohort groups.




The WRDSB is still working on the process to register students for online-only classes this fall.  We don’t yet know if course sign-ups and/or any change requests will be handled centrally at the board or via the EDSS guidance staff.  We are also waiting on details about how to handle any changes in plans (moving from online to in-person, or vice versa).




The Secondary Quadmestering Model is based on a 4-week cycle and is shown in the link below to use as a guide.  A more thorough guide will be provided in a future communication that outlines exactly what that looks like for EDSS.

Quad Timetable

Here is the daily schedule for EDSS:



8:10 – 9:40 Learning Course 1/2 Block

9:40 – 10:25 Nutrition Break

10:25 – 11:55 Course 1/2 Learning Block

11:55 – 12:40 Teacher/Student Distant Learning

12:40 Student Dismissal 

12:40 – 2:20 Teacher Lunch/Preparation


The high school environment will look quite different than what you’ve been used to, but it’s all in the name of safety!  There will be clear policies in place for entering/exiting the school and movement around the building (one-way halls, staggered bell times, arrows/signage).  More details will be released closer to the opening day.




If you left items in your locker last year and haven’t retrieved belongings, please contact the EDSS main office in late August.




The WRDSB has and will continue to work with the local Public Health unit regarding new information but at the start of the school year, there will be no school teams or clubs running.  We will share further details when we know more.

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