Hello WRDSB families,

We know that regular, accessible and transparent communications are an important part of the partnership we have with the students, families and community members we serve.

Keeping You Informed

The Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB) social media channels play an important role in how we engage with those we serve. However, it’s important to remember they aren’t the only place you can find important information related to student learning and WRDSB news.

You will continue to find important information on:



Additionally, families are encouraged to connect directly with their child’s teachers and school. Further support is available through the school’s superintendent.

WRDSB is planning to develop a parent portal to increase engagement and transparency.


Changing What We Post on Twitter/X

We will be changing how we use the Twitter/X platform at the corporate level to communicate with students, families and the community. Departments and schools may choose to still use X/Twitter to communicate with those they serve.


On all platforms, we will continue to post:

  • Emergency information

  • Board and Committee of the Whole Meeting information

  • Severe weather updates

  • Student learning updates


On Twitter/X, we will no longer post:

  • Good news stories

  • Highlights of progress in Strategic Plan

  • Celebrations of days of importance


If you’re interested in seeing posts like this, they will still be available through our other social media channels, including Facebook and Threads.


Engaging with Students on Instagram

Communicating directly with the students we serve is an important part of achieving our Strategic Directions. With this in mind, we will be evolving our approach to how we use the @WR_DSB Instagram account.


Speaking to Students Where They Are

You’ll begin to see posts created in ways that speak directly to students, focusing on news and information that is relevant to students. We made this choice as Instagram is where we see the highest percentage of students as part of our audience.


All news and information relevant for parents and caregivers will continue to be shared through our Facebook and Threads channels and our websites, noted above. Parents and caregivers can also continue to follow our updates on Instagram.


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