Citizens of Woolwich, Board members, staff and students,

Over the last couple of weeks the grade 10 Construction class at EDSS has been building benches in the front “U” for community use.  On behalf of our class, we would like to thank the Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation for granting our application and donating money for us to use to build these benches.  The money was put towards framing wood, tools, screws, and wood for the cladding.  We would also like to thank staff and students for their support and patience, but also the School Board for assigning this job and trusting us with it.  As well we would like to thank our awesome teacher Mr. Derma for putting up with our class, being patient and for teaching us the real work environment experience.  Last but not least, we hope these benches will be appreciated and used wisely, and we trust the students of EDSS will respect and put into consideration the time and effort that was put into the making of the benches.


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