Commencement News for EDSS Grads of 2015

If you are graduating this year, you will be a proud member of EDSS’s 76th graduating class. Commencement will take place on Friday, October 23, 2015. We want this evening to be a special event marking a very significant milestone in our history.

To ensure this is a special evening, we will continue a new tradition at EDSS; students who participate in Commencement will be asked to wear a graduation gown similar to the one seen in the photo below.

Cost of the gown and cap: $25

The gown is a rental; you keep the cap and tassel as a souvenir.

When you go for Grad Photos, you will be asked to make a commitment to attend Commencement by ordering your gown and paying your $25. To order the correct size, it will be necessary to know your height.

Payment by cheque is preferred. The cheque should be made payable to EDSS.

If you are not getting grad photos taken, but are still planning to attend Commencement, please go to the photo area and order your gown on any of the days that the photos are being taken (January 12-15th, 2015).

Grad Gown

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