Happy New Year to our EDSS Lancer Community!  

Classes have resumed and the school is busy once again.   Here are few reminders of upcoming events:

1)   Course Promotion has started for September 2017.  Staff will be providing students with information about courses they may want to select for next year.   This is information only at this time, and in February, students will select their courses.  

2)  Students who are currently taking grade 9 math will be writing their grade 9 Math EQAO test this coming week.

3)  The EDSS School Council will meet on Wednesday January 25 at 7 pm.  All are invited to attend, learn about the school, and ask questions.

4)  Exams will begin on Friday January 27 and will run every day until Thursday February 2.  The exam timetable has been posted on the school website:   eds.wrdsb.ca

5)   Friday February 3 is a PD day.    Second semester classes begin on Monday February 6.

6)  A schedule of the weekly events at the school is posted weekly on the school webite.  Look for the green icon that says “WEEKLY EVENTS” on the left of the home page.

7) The EDSS Language Department has organised a trip to Quebec City April 29-May 2, 2017.  Any student who is taking a grade 9, 10, or 11 french course this year is invited to participate.  To get more information, please contact one of the Language teachers.

Enjoy your weekend!


Paul Morgan