Our Grade 9 students who took math in their first semester will be writing the EQAO math assessment in the coming days. The Grade 9 assessment of mathematics tests the skills students will have learned by the end of their Grade 9 math journey. Different versions of the test are administered in the academic and the applied math courses.

The Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) has online resources available for parents and students about all the EQAO assessments, including examples of the test and scoring details.

High school students participate in two EQAO assessments – a math assessment in Grade 9 and a literacy test in Grade 10. We not only want to help our students do their best, but also feel confident and prepared leading up to these tests.

Check out this video to learn what EQAO testing means for high school students.

Important dates:

  • First semester math assessments run January 15-26, 2018
  • Second semester math assessments run June 5-18, 2018
  • The OSSLT will be written on April 10, 2018