As we enter the final week of Quadmester 1 students and staff will be finishing their courses and will see Quadmester 1 end on Friday, November 13th.  New classes begin on Monday, November 16th.  As part of the preparation for Quadmester 2, we have had to move some students to other cohorts in order to stay in line with the guidelines provided by the Ministry of Education and Public Health.  


Students that are moving from one Cohort to another, from Cohort A to B or from Cohort B to A, received an email from EDSS to their student account last week informing them of this change.  A School Day message will be sent out directly to families that have been impacted today as well to verify that a change has occurred.


Please reach out to the school if you have multiple students from your household attending EDSS and they are not in the same Cohort. If you have any questions please contact the school at 519 669-5414.