For all students attending IN-PERSON, students will be permitted to enter the school after 7:50 am (classes start at 8:10 am) and must proceed directly to their homeroom.

Homeroom lists will be posted around the halls of the school.

  • Room #s that start with a 1 are on the 1st floor
  • Room #s that start with a 2 are on the 2nd floor
  • Room #s that start with a 3 are on the 3rd floor
  • Room #s 1501, 1502, 1503, 1504, 1505 and 1506 are the portables located outside.

Students are not permitted to gather in the hallways or other common spaces. Please pay special attention to directional arrows, staircase directions, and capacity limitations to common spaces such as washrooms and offices.

Students will receive their timetable in their first scheduled “in-person” class and health & safety guidelines will be reviewed.

Please note, students are required to wear a mask at all times when inside the building and portables. In addition, your scheduled nutrition break requires students to stay in their assigned classroom and are not permitted to leave school property at this time. Due to some aspects of the ongoing EDSS renovations, we will be asking students to stay on campus for the 40-minute Nutrition Break. This expectation of staying on campus will be revisited once construction has concluded and we hope that this will only be a 2-3 week window. At this time, lockers are not available for student use and students must bring personal belongings, including their lunch, to and from school daily.

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