Parent/guardians of Grade 12 students
Hello parents and guardians of EDSS 2022 graduates!  Guidance counsellors are looking forward to connecting with our grade 12 students starting next week.  We will meet with each student to make sure they know where to find resources for their chosen pathway and it gives them an opportunity to ask us questions!  Guidance counsellors will be setting appointments for students but students are also encouraged to book a day and time that works for them by using the online booking form.
This past week grade 12 classes were shown the following video.  Please review the video so that you are aware of the resources for all pathways, due dates and important timelines.
Grade 12 video
All grade 12 students are encouraged to complete the following grad profile form.  The guidance website is a great resource for all pathways but if you or your student have questions please feel free to have your student complete the question google form.
We are looking forward to connecting with our 2022 graduates!

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