Hello Lancers!!!


A heads up when you are heading to the school for pick up today that our phone system and internet is down so please make sure you head to the left of the parking lot entrance (down the path) past where construction is happening and enter near the chicken coop doors. Then head to the main office.


Just a reminder that Report Card, Diploma and yearbook Pick up is happening today Monday July 11th to July 14th from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


Also, while you are picking up your items if you could clean out your locker if you used one this year as they will be having the locks removed and items taken out after July 14th.


If someone else is coming to pick up your report card for you please call or email (eds@wrdsb.ca) to give permission in order for us to hand it off. When you arrive at the school there is some construction happening so please follow the signs that have been set out to get you to the main office.


Thank you!